Our History

The history of the Faith Evangelical Bible Church has its beginning in the late 1800’s when about 18,000 Mennonites left Russia in search of religious freedom.1 Among these immigrants were those who settled in the York and Hamilton County area.  Elder Isaac Peters, founder of the Ebenezer Church arrived on January 6, 1875 after being expelled from Russia by the government for his activity in promoting the Mennonite migration.2 Under his leadership twenty‑eight families formed the Ebenezer Church which was organized November 5, 1882.  The name was changed to Evangelical Mennonite Brethren Church in 1940.  Because the congregation desired to also minister to families in the community that did not have Mennonite roots, the decision was made to remove the word ‘Mennonite’ from the church name. The name change from Evangelical Mennonite Brethren Church to Faith Evangelical Bible Church was approved on February 27, 1994.   Faith Evangelical Bible Church is a member of the Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches with churches in the United States and Canada.

Reaching out to the unsaved with the Gospel has always been a vital part of this body of believers. Week long evangelistic services with a guest evangelist‑pastor were held yearly. At times these services were extended to several weeks.  By 1901, this newly organized church established its first missions committee for the purpose of finding ways and means to do mission work. Special weekend mission conferences were held annually and offerings were taken to fund various mission projects.  The first foreign missionary sent out from this congregation was Bertha Neufeld Kliewer.  An Awana ministry that was begun in 1974 has been effective in teaching Biblical truths and encouraging Scripture memory to the children in our church and many in the community.

Throughout the history of this congregation, customs and methods of ministry have changed to keep up with the changing culture around it but the message of the Gospel and the basic doctrines of the faith have not changed.  We believe God’s inerrant Word teaches salvation is only by the grace of God through faith in the substitutionary sacrifice of Jesus Christ.


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